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Blue Green Gym


  • WECAN, CCW, The South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group, Groundwork Wales, TCV, KWT and Landsker / tyf have just completed a pilot for an innovative customer offer that provides business and community benefits.
  • Blue Green Gym (BGG) is a suite of products, mainly based on outdoor activities, which uniquely combine the following:
    • Research into what constitutes a memorable outdoor experience
    • A ‘menu of activities’ focused on practical environmental projects that support corporate social responsibility e.g. dry stone walling, bracken bashing, dry stone walling
    • Business learning based on the industrial heritage of South Wales
  • The vision for BGG is two-fold:
    • BGG becomes the product of choice for those organisations looking to deliver on CSR and enhance leadership and people development, team building, improve internal communications and to support transformation initiatives.
    • Secondly, that BGG is a service that can also be tailored to support community regeneration and provide a range of benefits including: health and well-being, environmental awareness and economic opportunities.
  • SME’s (e.g. The Rest Hotel), corporates (e.g. Rockwool and New Direction) and the public sector (e.g. Trinity College St. Davids and Swansea University’s LEAD Programme) have participated in a pilot to co-design the offer. A 6 month test trading phase, focused on a commercial pilot, is under discussion.

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