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Gŵyl Taf Exhibition

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The Opportunity

Gŵyl Taf is a multi-year project that is celebrating the recovery of the River Taff over the past decades from a grossly polluted waterway, used by industry and the public alike to dispose of unwanted effluents, to a thriving river that supports migratory sea trout and salmon.

A key part of the celebration will be an exhibition and lecture programme, which will tell the story of how the river has improved in recent times and the reasons for this recovery, and will be aimed at people of all ages with the intention of helping them to understand the vital role the river plays in shaping the local environment and encouraging them to value and cherish it. It will also explain the ways in which they can appreciate and enjoy the river, linking to the other elements of the Gŵyl Taf project such as recreation on the river and appreciation for the natural beauty of the river environment.

It is intended that the exhibition will move between venues along the river from Merthyr to Cardiff, and be supported by lectures to community groups local to the exhibition venues.

The Location

The exhibition will travel along the Taff, from Merthyr to Cardiff, but will be targeted more at the stretch from Merthyr to Treforest.

In-Kind Support Required


Financial Support Required


Value of Support Required

The size and nature of the exhibition will depend on the amount of financial support received to design, prepare and display the materials. The minimumestimate for preparing and displaying the exhibition is £2,500, but increased sponsorship would significantly increase the scale and diversity of the exhibits, attracting a wider audience and more media attention.

The exhibition will need to be publicised, and we propose to design and print 1000 leaflets for a total cost of £500.

Local Name and Contact Details

Jonathan Mead, Operations Director, South East Wales Rivers Trust – jonathan_mead@btinternet.com

Jennifer Pilkington, Gŵyl Taf Project Officer – jenniferpilkington@gwyltaf.org.uk

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